Borrin Gammult

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Borrin Gammult
Architect of Sanctum
Level: 52
Type: Raid 10 Lieutenant - Outdoor
Zone: Freemarch
Area: Byriel's Division
Plane: Plane of
Coordinates: Unknown
Faction Affiliation
Defiant: Neutral
Guardian: Neutral
Noteriety rewards
  • [[]]

Borrin Gammult is the king of the dwarves and can be found in Mathosia during the Guardian starting zone, and then in Sanctum of the Vigil, Sanctum.

Background (Lore)[edit | edit source]

Borrin Gammult was the king of Lord's Hall during the Mathosian Civil War. When he discovered that King Aedraxis was using sourcestone technology to weaken the Ward, the dwarven king lead his army to Mathosia to stop the tyrant. However, when Aedraxis used the technology to unleash a massive Death Rift, allowing Regulos into the world, Borrin and his army were decimated.

The Vigil brought Borrin and some of the dwarves in his army back as Ascended to defeat Aedraxis and prevent Telara from being destroyed. With the help of Cyril and Shyla, Aedraxis was destroyed and Regulos was pushed beyond the Ward.

Years later, Borrin received a vision of a majestic city. Traveling to the coast of Silverwood, an island rose right before his very eyes. This was to be the spot for the holy city of Sanctum. Borrin became the master architect that would help build this city of the gods.

Within Holy Sanctum, now the capital of The Guardians, Borrin resides in the Sanctum of the Vigil with Cyril Kalmar and Shyla Starhearth as the king of the dwarves. He helps their efforts to retake Telara from the dragon cults, but also seeks to unite his people as the proud, mighty race they once were.

Quotes and Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Mathosia Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Though I'm the king of Lord's Hall, I've never lost my taste for battle, nor my love for the hammer and anvil. Now that Aedraxis has let loose Regulos into this land, here's hoping I get to smash some skulls!

"What's going on here?"

When I heard King Aedraxis had rescinded the ban against Ethian machines, I was appalled. Then when I heard he'd begun weakening the Ward holding back Regulos, I mobilized my entire army of dwarves from the Lord's Hall delve in Scarwood Reach and brought them here to stop Aedraxis.

Sadly, they are all dead now. The Tyrant and his death rift felled them on Thedeor Fields, and now the undead run rampant through the streets.

The Vigil gave us a second chance, however. By their light, we will end Aedraxis or die in the effort. I am a king without a people, but my hammer is still at your service.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Highlands Research. Level 15, Started by Remun Smorkov - ends with Borrin Gammult. Who then starts level 15 story quest, "To Delve is to Know." Borrin Gammult wants you to examine a Dwarven Artifact and then report to Kovoro Zarlith in Moonshade Highlands. Upon examining the artifact which is just outside of Sanctum you are teleported to Moonshade Highlands. Ends with, Kovoro Zarlith.