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This section help section is general in nature and most taken from the official Mediawiki PD help pages. You can help improve Telarapedia by making these help topics less general. Should you want more specific Telarapedia help, policy, and guidance, visit the Telarapedia category.

Help Contents

Are you a wiki beginner?
Beginner's guide to editing

All editors are equal | Deletion policy | Don't edit userpages | Edit with a neutral point of view | Cite your sources

Wiki-related pages
About | Sandbox

User-related pages
Watchlist | User pages | Talk pages | Signatures | Preferences | Skins

Help pages
Navigation | Searching | Tracking changes | Editing pages | Starting a new page | Formatting | Links | Images | Tables | Categories | Subpages | Managing files | Moving (renaming) a page | Redirects | Deleting a page | Protected pages | Templates | Variables | Namespaces | Special pages | External searches | Sysops and permissions

'Need to ask a question?'
Please post in the Telarapedia Forums if you want to discuss general topics or ask questions related to the content of a page, such as asking for additional assistance on completing a quest. If you want immediate help, then join the Telarapedia IRC. An experienced user will come and help you.

Wiki administration[edit source]

The following features require extra permissions that are not normally granted to all wiki users.