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"Boglings Is Superior" Poster to Accurate Darkmetal Hauberk
Accurate Darkmetal Helmet to Agent's Cannon of the Stalwart
Agent's Cannon of the Tenacious to Antiquated Flame Drenched Mail
Antiquated Flame Hoof Band to Aristocrat's Shoulderpads
Aristocrat's Shoulderpads of the Fortress to Austere Breeches of the Fortress
Austere Breeches of the Merciless to Battlemaster's Sigil
Battlemaster's Source Engine to Blessed Darkmetal Boots
Blessed Darkmetal Hauberk to Bloodwhisker's Fang Trophy
Bloodwing to Bright Adamant Rune
Bright Bauble to Brutal Spined Compound Bow
Brutal Spirit-Tempered Hauberk to Canny Copper Buckler
Canny Copper Chausses to Catapult Master
Catari Command Center to Clear a Path
Clearcut to Coalesced Shadow
Coalesced Smoke to Construct Control Panel
Construct Drive Belt to Cultist Grudge
Cultist Uniform Piece to Cyclone Caller's Gauntlets
Cyclone Caller's Sash to Death Spark
Death Spine to Deft Iron Rifle
Deft Iron Ring to Devious Cotton Cowl
Devious Cotton Handwraps to Diviner's Scepter of the Mythical
Diviner's Scorn to Durable Mace of the Tactful
Durable Mace of the Trickster to Elusive Hood of the Flowing Dark
Elusive Hunting Bow to Endless Faestone of Valor
Endless Faestone of the Ancient to Energetic Steeltouched Longsword
Energetic Stoic Pendant to Enlightened Tin Totem
Enlightened Tin Truncheon to Ethereal Iron Tassets
Ethereal Iron Totem to Expert Artificer Supply Bag
Expert Artificer Supply Chest to Fell Goblin
Fell Goblins to Flesh Abomination
Flesh Construct to Frostbitten Gauntlets of the Chancel
Frostbitten Scholar to Gloamwood Beasts
Gloamwood Defender to Greater Idol of the Aelfwar
Greater Intelligence Serum to Hallowed Darkcloth Belt
Hallowed Darkcloth Cap to Heart of the Inferno
Heart of the Legend to Http://
Huffton Malk to Impenetrable Darkmetal Sword
Impenetrable Darkmetal Tassets to Imposing Iron Ring
Imposing Iron Ringlet to Interview with a Lorn
Intimidating Shovel to Kaspar's Cocktail
Kaspar's Earthen Blaster to Kerasta
Kerasul Serun to Lesser Coruscating Windstone
Lesser Crystalfish to Luminous Destructive Runeshard
Luminous Devastating Rune to Mark of Conquest
Mark of Darkness to Merciful Flame
Merciful Prophet's Cord to Mighty Titanium Shield
Mighty Titanium Spaulders to Mordant Crawler Hatchling
Mordant Defender to Nimble Carmintium Rifle
Nimble Carmintium Ring to Noble Dagger of the Stalwart
Noble Dagger of the Tenacious to Orb Lightning
Orb Web to Peerless Cannon
Peerless Cannon of Fortune to Planar Expansion
Planar Extraction to Privateer's Chain of the Stalwart
Privateer's Chain of the Tenacious to Raider's Axe of the Fortress
Raider's Axe of the Sinister to Refined Wood
Refined bone to Resilient Iron Blade
Resilient Iron Boots to Resolute Persistence
Resolute Plain Tome to Roc Skin Leggings
Roc Spotter to Rugged Soulbind Leather Gloves
Rugged Soulbind Leather Hood to Ruthless Iron Tassets
Ruthless Iron Totem to Savage Carmintium Sabatons
Savage Carmintium Sallet to Scardust Girdle
Scardust Hauberk to Sentient Cruor
Sentient Pollen to Shady Deathbringer Shoulders
Shady Defender's Helmet to Shifting Stormstone of the Merciless
Shifting Stormstone of the Mystic to Small Animal Carcass
Small Arms Specialization to Source of the Problem
Source of the Stone to Stalwart Copper Spaulders
Stalwart Copper Stiletto to Stoneblight Defense
Stoneblight Rescue to Suncrusher
Sundered Hadal Rod to Tempered Book of the Insightful
Tempered Book of the Righteous to The Moribund
The Most Dangerous Game to Timeworn Claw Hammer of the Sage
Timeworn Claw Hammer of the Trickster to Treacherous Damascus Saber
Treacherous Damascus Shiv to Twisted Censer Chain
Twisted Currents to Unwavering Runeguard Blunderbuss
Unwavering Sabatons of the Devout to Valorous Staff of Torment
Valorous Stamina to Veteran's Shoulderpads of the Sinister
Veteran's Shoulderpads of the Stalwart to Wanton Cinderlord
Wanton Consort to Whitefall Steppes Escalation Wonder Winner
Whitefall Steppes Super-Star to Wind and Wings
Wind of Chaos to Zealous Copper Axe
Zealous Copper Battleaxe to Zzzz