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"Boglings Is Superior" Poster to Accurate Copper Stiletto
Accurate Copper Tassets to Aether Distillation Module
Afanas Inna to Antiquated Beast Ring
Antiquated Belt of a Sunless Sky to Aristocrat's Dagger of the Sovereign
Aristocrat's Dagger of the Stalwart to Assisted Living
Aster Blackstar to Basalt Figurine
Basalt Warrior to Blessed Bound-Flame Ring
Blessed Brawn to Blightsworn Souleater
Blightsworn Walker to Brawler's Pauldrons of the Ruthless
Brawler's Pauldrons of the Tactful to Brutal Enchanted Shadethorn Bow
Brutal Eviscerator to Butcher's Warhammer of the Fortress
Butcher's Warhammer of the Sinister to Canny Titanium Blade
Canny Titanium Boots to Charhide Combustor
Charhound to Clever Mahogany Staff
Clever Mahogany Wand to Commander's Dagger of the Sinister
Commander's Dagger of the Stalwart to Cotton Robe
Cotton Shoes to Cunning Iron Musket
Cunning Iron Pauldrons to Dark Red Dye
Dark Remalkus to Deepfang Scorcher
Deepfang Skitterer to Deft Steeltouched Longsword
Deft Stoic Pendant to Devious Oathsmasher
Devious Odd Fetish to Dragon Hunter's Iron Ring
Dragon Inferno to Duskmane Hoplite
Duskmane Overlord to Elusive Oathsmasher
Elusive Odd Fetish to Endless Shadestone of Truth
Endless Shadestone of Valor to Energetic Tin Musket
Energetic Tin Pauldrons to Enlightened Titanium Hauberk
Enlightened Titanium Helmet to Ethereal Iron Pauldrons
Ethereal Iron Rifle to Expensive-looking Chest
Expensive Perfume to Fathomless Depths
Fathomless Wand to Flamespear
Flamespout to Freemarch Warden Gear
Freemarch Warden Pendant to Gladiator's Cuirass
Gladiator's Cuirass of Valor to Graniteweave Slippers
Granitewood Cuirass to Hallam Darad
Hallowed Abyssal Opal Necklace to Hard Knocks
Hard Rubber Wheel to High Thane Hergen
High Thane’s Trophy to Illwind Storm Rider
Illwind Stormsword to Impose Your Will
Imposing to Incriminate
Incursionist's Breastplate to Jadescale Slaver
Jadescale Twinblade to Keen Medium Leather Belt
Keen Medium Leather Boots to Lady Eogger
Lady Guench to Lightning Storm
Lightning Strike to Magnate's Saber of the Fortress
Magnate's Saber of the Mythical to Mastermind's Mantle
Mastermind's Mantle of the Fortress to Mighty Cobalt Helmet
Mighty Cobalt Longsword to Minister's Hauberk of the Fortress
Minister's Heavy Boots to Mus'ad
Mus'ad's Signet Ring to Nimble Dark Iron Gauntlets
Nimble Dark Iron Hauberk to Noble Tunic of the Fortress
Noble Tunic of the Sinister to Ornate Cannon of the Defender
Ornate Cannon of the Fortress to Peerless Hammer of the Defender
Peerless Hammer of the Devout to Planar Invasion: Hillcrest
Planar Invasion: Hillsborough to Privateer's Cutlass of the Tenacious
Privateer's Cutlass of the Warfront to Raging Genius
Raging Griffon to Redsnow Bonecrusher
Redsnow Boots to Resilient Darkmetal Tassets
Resilient Deathbringer to Resolute Iron Claw Tracking Manual
Resolute Iron Cuirass to Riptide Bludgeon
Riptide Disciple to Rugged Linen Shoulderpads
Rugged Linen Waistband to Ruthless Cobalt Tassets
Ruthless Cobalt Totem to Sandlion Pridelord
Sandra Carns to Savage Tin Sabatons
Savage Tin Sallet to Searing Strike
Searing Transfusion to Shadow Drakeling
Shadow Encrusted Mace to Shale Focus
Shale Momentum to Simple Blunderbuss of the Fortress
Simple Blunderbuss of the Merciless to Solid Fire
Solid Jawbone to Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Liberation to Stalwart Stamina
Stalwart Steel Buckler to Stormbrood Ritualist
Stormbrood Slippers to Swollen Pod
Swollen Stalk to Templar's Pike of the Fortress
Templar's Pike of the Warfront to The Swirling Sands
The Taking of Overwatch Keep to Titanium Ringlet
Titanium Sabatons to Treacherous Netherstitched Brigandine
Treacherous Netherstitched Shoulders to Unbreakable Essence
Unbridled to Unwavering Thin Leather Brigandine
Unwavering Thin Leather Gloves to Vanguard's Shoulderguards
Vanguard's Synergy Crystal to Vial of Liquid Fire
Vial of Liquid Greed to Wanton Flamecaller
Wanton Flamelord to Whitefall Steppes Escalation Wonder Winner
Whitefall Steppes Super-Star to Wily Weight of the World
Wily Well-bound Tome to Zealous Chromite Pauldrons
Zealous Chromite Rifle to Zzzz