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[edit] Current Projects (Telarapedia)

  • Revising and editing crafting pages: fixing tables and broken/nonexistent links
  • Adding obvious templates for crafting and item pages


[edit] Player Profile

Primary Character: Deome
Alts: Narcoleptic, Eponymous, Moniker
Status: Guild Leader, <Professional>
Crafting: Runecrafting, All Harvesting Skills

Contact Preference: In-game private message or mail (Deome), in-wiki messages, email ([email protected])
Usual In-Game Hours: 3pm-5pm, 7pm-1am, Server Time (PST)

[edit] Player Comments

I'm always willing to answer any questions players may have, and (assuming I'm not already involved in a guild group/event/warfront) I'm more than willing to stop and help out fellow guild members with quests, runs, crafting, and similar requests. Don't be afraid to ask!

[edit] Deome (Warrior)

[edit] Role 1

29 Riftblade / 27 Reaver / 10 Warlord - AOE Tank: One-Handed/Shield or Two-handed Weapon

Very useful build, especially for solo play, including levelling and grinding (where a two-handed weapon is preferred). AOE damage/threat generation is unrivalled in this build, though the lack of damage mitigation makes its use in expert dungeons and raids questionable. Quite devastating in PvP, though. The ten points in Warlord are necessary for Sergeant's Order, which is very handy for yanking casters into melee range.

[edit] Role 2

51 Void Knight / 15 Paladin Boss Tank: One-Handed/Shield

My variation on another popular build, this one trades the points in Warlord for more useful ones in the Paladin tree (increased damage mitigation, more attack points). This build is really only suitable for caster-type boss fights, and only needed for the tougher ones, really. However, it's also useful for rift-busting, as much of the damage from rift creatures is non-physical.

[edit] Role 3

51 Paladin / 15 Warlord Tough Tank: One-Handed/Shield

I'm rather unsure of this build; I haven't really had the opportunity to use it for much. I'm planning to keep it for trial runs in T1 dungeons.

[edit] Narcoleptic (Cleric)

[edit] Role 1

51 Purifier/15 Sentinel - "Divine Intervention" Shield Healer: One-Handed Weapon and Shield/Totem

While pure builds are usually not that popular, I've found that the Purifier tree is nearly indispensable for any Cleric casting role. This build is my preferred healing spec: it has enough shields to keep even the most demanding--or incompetent--tanks and groups alive. What it lacks most, unfortunately, is a combat resurrection spell; this may make you unpopular in some groups, but IMHO anyone who needs a combat resurrection with this build is just determined to die anyway. While this build includes the group heal, Healing Communion, Surging Flames serves the same purpose and has the added benefit of allowing the healer to continue casting heavy heals on the tank without the need to endanger the tank by switching to group heals for AoE damage.

It may seem odd that this build more or less ignores Warden and all of its signature HoTs, but experience has taught me that HoTs do more harm than good in tough fights: they can't compensate for large damage spikes, and while they do a nice job of mitigating steady damage, Purifier shields are much better at dealing with both situations (and that's the whole purpose of this build!). Worst of all, it's far too easy to accidentally cast a HoT rather than the 3.0 second heal you intended. With this build, I'll cast Healing Spray if I'm not that worried about the player's health, but in a tough fight I only use it as a "Hail Mary pass" when everything is going to shit anyway.

While it should go without saying, when using this (or any Purifier) build the first spell the healer should cast on anyone is Ward of the Ancestors. Putting a heavy shield on the tank, or any group member, stops the damage immediately and gives the healer time to cast the ability of their choice. It is not uncommon for me to continually spam Ward of the Ancestors on all group members in fights where damage is distributed relatively equally to everyone. Keep Shield of the Ancestors up as much as you can (preferably 100% uptime during and between pulls, and definitely during boss fights) because it does a wonderful job of keeping random, AoE, or any other damage from interfering with heals.

Finally, make good use of all the cooldown abilities, even on trash pulls. They have short cooldowns compared to Sentinel or Warden special abilities, and should only be saved if you know you're going to need them for a tough fight.

[edit] Role 2

34 Purifier/32 Sentinel - Dungeon Healer: One-Handed Weapon and Shield/Totem

There's nothing really special to say about this build, except that it's my variation on the second most popular healer build on ZAM. It differs from my preferred build (above) by balancing between Purifier and Sentinel in order to get the combat resurrection ability, Life's Return.

This build uses Restorative Flame as the main heal, ignores Healing Invocation and Healing Flare (Healing Flare doesn't have much use in a dungeon--Healing Spray serves the same purpose of topping off health bars outside of combat), and trades Light Concentration for Light Efficiency to give an extra boost to the splash healing from Surging Flames (screw mana efficiency--tell the tank to pay for your mana pots if they don't want to stop to let you refill). I also made sure to grab Caregiver's Blessing because IMHO one can never have too many shields up at one time.

The changes I made may seem minor, but any competent player will adapt the popular templates to fit personal choice and play style. Only incompetent players ignore choices they might prefer because they trust the popular wisdom more than their own.

[edit] Role 3

32 Inquisitor/20 Cabalist / 14 Purifier "Torquemada" Ranged DPS: One-Handed Weapon and Shield/Totem

This build is still a work in progress, and will likely be changed pending testing.

This is my favorite Cleric DPS role. The core of this build, compared to other Inquisitor builds, is the heavy investment in Purifier. Purifier may only have 14 points, but those points are dearly bought by sacrificing very good single/area DPS talents in the other souls. The payback comes in the form of incredible survivability and low downtime, making this build quite viable for solo play, including PvP and Raid Rifts. If you're willing to give up Restorative Flame, which is quite worth spending an extra four points after capping out Protection of the Ancestors, you'll still have some hard decisions about where to put those points in Inquisitor and Cabalist--all of the available abilities have good value.

On the DPS side, this build has a very nice balance between single-target, AoE, and DoT damage abilities. I do my best to keep the number of abilities on my action bars limited, but it's very easy to have more abilities than you can reasonably manage; I separate them out in this order: single-target rotation (1-6), healing abilities (7-10), and AoE/DoT/special abilities on the second bar. Just try to keep your bars focused on necessity and rotations, and keep everything else out of your way (other action bars, or just in the spellbook).

  • Single Target Rotation:
  1. Bolt of Depravity -> Vex -> Obliterate -> Sanction Heretic -> Distorted Shadows or Excommunicate
  • AoE Rotation:
  1. Vex (all targets) -> Vile Power or Tyranny (equal damage on both, Vile Power refills mana bar) -> Soul Drain or Bound Fate (use your own judgment) -> Curse of Discord


    • Vex is your best friend. Low DPS, but great heals (especially on multiple mobs). Keep it up as much as possible, unless you absolutely need no heals and the target will be dead in <5 seconds.
    • In boss, and other long, single-target fights, you might find all your single-target abilities on cooldown. Don't throw a fit, just use Tyranny or one of your DoTs. Same goes for any other rotations, just use your best judgment. With all these abilities, surely there's something you can use?

[edit] Role 4

Shaman/Justicar/Inquisitor - "Duracell" Melee DPS: Two-Handed Weapon

If you look at the top Cleric builds on ZAM, this should be right at the top. Often called the "Duracell Build" due to its ability to keep a cleric's health and mana bars at 100% nearly all the time, this is the build you should start with if you're unsure how you'd like to level/solo your cleric. It can be a little slow on DPS, but survivability will never be an issue. A Warhammer (two-handed) is the recommended weapon for this build; you can use a two-handed staff for convenience (if you're frequently switching to other roles, like healing), but it won't do as much damage compared to an equivalent-quality/level warhammer. If necessary, you can also grab a mace and shield for some light tanking, but the two-handed warhammer is still the weapon of choice for this build (even when tanking; clerics often have threat issues when using a one-handed weapon).

Also, I've moved a talent point out of Armor of Devotion and stuck it in Unholy Tutelage. This is just my personal preference, as I'm never going to use Armor of Devotion over Armor of Treachery. Furthermore, I took a talent point out of Devout Deflection and used it in Endless Winter for a little extra mana and the 32-point Shaman ability Vengeance of the Piercing Cold. It's worth sacrificing a small amount of dodge in order to get more damage output, especially since Justicar provides all the self-healing you should need.

[edit] Info About Me

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