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Death Rift

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Death Rift
Death Rift
There are places in Telara where death holds dominion: Graveyards that rot in the stinking swamps as inscriptions fade on the headstones, or battlefields where the grass has been crushed under charging feet, and the bones and blades of fallen warriors sink into the mud. Beware such places, for the air itself might tear open, spilling horrors like maggots from a corpse.
Around these Death Rifts, plants wither as the air stills, trapping rotten smells. The undead patrol the brittle dust, slaughtering and feasting upon passersby, the cries of fiends and victims chilling folks’ blood for miles around.
Places of decay are most likely to attract these diseased patches, but Death Rifts can appear anywhere in Telara, blighting the pristine snow or the forest glade. Beyond each rift lies a plane of endless decay where even the Ascended cannot tread.

A Death Rift is one of the six different types of Rifts that can appear in Telara.[1]

Death Rift Beta.jpg

Lists of Death Rifts[edit | edit source]

Major-Eaters of the Dead

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Anything from the Plane of Death can enter Telara through a rift, from its monstrous natives such as mummies and vampires, to fel energies that send corpses shambling forth as zombies, or bind the souls of the wicked dead to Telara as spectres.

References[edit | edit source]