Elementalists, The First Mages (Book)

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Elementalists, The First Mages (Book)
'This book appears to be about the first mages of Telara.'
It was before the age of dragons that pioneering mages of the High Elves began to study and exploit weaknesses in the elemental forces, harnessing and redirecting them against the invading forces. This dangerous art had dire consequences, since a loss of concentration by an Elementalist could end in immediate and painful death. Despite these risks, the Elementalists were effective at turning the tide of the war: Their art kept them far away from the battlefield, and their minions inflicted heavy losses on the planar hosts invading Telara.

Today this arcane art still flourishes across Telara and it remains as important as ever. Those mages who demonstrate an impressive force of will and an affinity for the natural order often make accomplished Elementalists. Those mages who do not share these talents and begin summoning the elements typically don't survive very long.

Book Location[edit | edit source]

  • Mathosia Guardian starter area before rift: in a chest next to the door of the north-eastern building, in the block of houses with a well in the middle, west of Thontic's Fountain in Ardenburgh. (1155, 1218)