Gnarlwood Post

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Gnarlwood Post[edit | edit source]

Gnarlwood post is the first camp travelers encounter when entering Gloamwood from Silverwood. It's inhabitants are nothing more than small-time traders trying to survive, and make as much as they can to scrape by on the edge of a dark, and evil wood. Waykeepers always observe the road to give warning to travelers coming through the region, and try to direct them to safe havens such as Gloamwood Pines.

Gnarlwood Post has nothing more than a few makeshift tents, and some minimal supplies to keep it barely survivable in the darkness that befalls them. Outmanned, and outarmed, they watch many travelers fall victim the the horrors they now call Gloamwood. Some traders have even seem to have resorted to looting off the fallen travelers along the dark paths- heed their warnings travelers.

NPC's[edit | edit source]

  • Waykeeper Brion
  • Waykeeper Thil
  • Waykeeper Ienja
  • Waykeeper Rastin
  • Grady Erser <General Goods>
  • Mender Gretta <Healer>
  • Laenaya Niro
  • Markis Lothian