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The Goblins are a crude race, born in the mud of Darkening Deeps in Gloamwood. For some time they've been tunneling into Silverwood via Snarebrush Grot to loot and terrorize. They try to spread the magic of the fire dragon Maelforge, seeking to destroy the world for their master.

A green humanoid creature, known to lurk in Silverwood, Gloamwood and other areas. They are also frequently seen at Fire Rifts.

Civilized folk work hard to keep Gloamwood’s goblins in check, but the vicious little creatures have recently grown bold, spreading through the wood and attacking even armed patrols. The goblins are sometimes bigger and stronger than usual and mad with bloodlust, goaded by their Gedlo priests to greater and greater ferocity.

Unworked gray stones as high as ten men stand in the forest, arranged into an impossible formation. They have lurked in their clearing for centuries, radiating a forgotten, sinister purpose. The goblins have infested these Standing Stones, and lash out at anyone who comes too close.

Intellect[edit | edit source]

The Goblins posses a twisted intellect that makes them a truly menacing foe. They can even bend beast and other creatures to their will, much like elementalist. These type of goblins are the most dangerous.

Images[edit | edit source]

Gloamwood goblin 01.jpg
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Concept[edit | edit source]

Goblin Shaman concept.
Goblin Raider concept.