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Casual multi-game guild

The Royal Black Watch
The Royal Black Watch
Faction Defiant
Timezone CST
Language English
Guild Type RP-PvE
Server Faeblight

Overview[edit source]

The Royal Black Watch is a multi-game guild that focuses on fun, casual gaming. We stress maturity, loyalty, and above all else, enjoyment of our online experiences together. Our philosophy is simple: We play games for entertainment—an escape from our everyday stress—not as an additional source. We play mostly MMORPGs, but any online game is a candidate for support by the Watch. We play both fantasy/medieval and modern/futuristic games. We also have a roleplay board in our forums. The Royal Black Watch is divided into companies which organize our structure by game. Although I indicated CST for the purposes of answering this form, we have members from all US time Zones, Canadian members, and even some Aussies, so we are on at varying times of the day and night.

Recruitment Info[edit source]

Please contact Connore or Mioel in game for more information. You should also visit the web site to gain some more insight on how we work.


Although our focus is always on each other and the growth and health of our guild members, we will be attempting to experience all aspects of the game. We use our web site to schedule runs together, raids, dungeon crawls, questing, and the occasional meeting. We use our own Team Speak 3 server to communicate with each other in all games.


We have recently begun recruiting, as we are not interested in numbers, but getting quality people that share our goals and values within the context of the game. So far we have 15 veteran Watchers that are playing the game, and over 20 new recruits that we have met and started playing with in the Betas. As we continue to grow, look for RBW to be leaders on the Faeblight server.

Our Oath

I am a member of The Royal Black Watch As such I shall conduct myself at all times in a manner befitting nobility I shall shun the base pursuits of gluttony and greed I shall exhibit chivalry and honor, and above all shall serve the truth. All are kin, the Watch is proud: Hands are clasped, we stand avowed. Steel shatters, blood may flow; Still our hearts and minds will grow. We claim no bond apart from good, United in a brotherhood. Stand against the foe's attack! We the Watchers, Royal Black.

This is a high ideal, to be sure, but it is one which we try to live up to. Do you want to live to this ideal? Do you want to become a member of our Watch?