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Zone: Iron Pine Peak
Location: The Chancel of Labors (4625,1550)
Faction: Neutral
Specialty: Helmet Enhancements

History[edit | edit source]


Information[edit | edit source]

The Icewatch is a neutral faction inside of the zone Iron Pine Peak. They offer five level 50 daily quests obtainable at level 48+.

The Quartermaster for Icewatch is Master-at-Arms Varis. Varis is located in Iron Pine Peak, in The Chancel of Labors, specifically Thedeor's Forge.

Emblems offered by Icewatch faction are applied to the Helmet slot.

Available Items[edit | edit source]

New items are available to players at given Notoriety levels

Friendly[edit | edit source]

Decorated[edit | edit source]

Honored[edit | edit source]

Revered[edit | edit source]

Glorified[edit | edit source]