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Ingredient is a common term used for all items that are part of a Recipe for crafting professions. Ingredients come mostly from one of the three gathering professions or are sold by vendors for the various Crafting professions. They may also be obtained through the Auction House from other players.

Ingredients found in the world of Telara may belong to one of the following groups:

Group Obtained from Example
Animal Parts Butchery Broken Rib
Augments Augment Vendors, Planar Loot Saintstone Shard
Bolts Outfitting Bolt of Burlap
Bottles Apothecary Vendors Empty Glass Bottle
Chemicals Apothecary Vendors Low Grade Sulfur
Cloth Loot Burlap Cloth
Extracts Apothecary Vendors Bubbling Extract
Flasks Apothecary Vendors Empty Glass Flask
Gems Mining Moonstone
Hides Butchery Soft Hide
Leathers Butchery Soft Leather
Lumbers Foraging Oak Lumber
Metal Bars Mining Tin Bar
Ores Mining Tin Ore
Plants Foraging Coastal Glory
Runeshards Runebreaking Uncommon Powder
Sewing Parts Outfitting Vendors ?
Wood Foraging Yew Timber