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Rift 1.4 Hotfix 8
Check the Update: Rift 1.4 Hotfix 8 page for information on today's patch!


Rift 1.4 Hotfix 7
Check the Update: Rift 1.4 Hotfix 7 page for information on today's patch!


New Warfront on PTS
The new Library of the Runemasters warfront is coming to the PTS today. Details can be found here.


Update: Rift 1.4
The Rift 1.4 patch was released today. Patch notes can be found at Update: Rift 1.4!


Rift 1.3 Hotfix 16
Check the Update: Rift 1.3 Hotfix 16 page for information on today's patch!


RIFT 1.4: Legacy of the Fallen
Read about all the changes in RIFT 1.4, including the epic Water Saga, the race for Dragon Motes, a new mission in Whitefall Steppes, PvP Rifts, cross-shard LFG, and more! ref


Andy, nice work. Can you calfiry something for me? What are the actual pieces that are integrated here? Is it the common look and feel across the two apps? Or is it also the account systems? More? Cheers, Scott Leslie News feeds from the largest Rift: Planes of Telara sites are here.

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<random> Mathosian-Female withmace1.jpg

A Mathosian Inquisitor stands ready.


An elementalist casts a spell.


A night patrol.

Forest statue.jpg

A forest shrine.


A quiet forest.

Sneaking Creature.jpg

An imp sneaks through the fog.

Three undead-1.jpg

Three undead lurk in the ruins.

Dark Ritual.jpg

A dark ritual.


A cottage in Gloamwood.

Shimersand 01.jpg

Concept art of Shimmersand.


Concept art of Smith's Haven.

Ironpine outpost 01.jpg

Concept art of Ironpine Outpost.

High Elf-Female withbow1.jpg

A High Elf female.


A reaver stands near a rift.


A warrior stands at the ready in Silverwood.

Bahmi-Male back1.jpg

A male Bahmi.


A Nightblade stands at the ready.

Ranger 01.jpg

A Ranger prepares to fire.

Warlock 01.jpg

A Warlock unleashes dark powers against his foes.

Orphiel 180610 2.jpg

Orphiel of the Defiant in Meridian

Gloamwood firerift goblin 01.jpg

A Goblin near a rift from the Plane of Fire.

Iron Pine Peak-screen 01.jpg

There is no respite from the cold in Iron Pine Peak. </random>
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