Planar Dust

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An item required for certain crafting recipes. Various tiers of planar dust are rewarded for closing Rifts, stopping Invasions and defeating footholds.

Planar Dust Table[edit | edit source]

The following table (will eventually) include all planar dust that can be used for crafting.

Icon Name Rift (etc) Level Zone(s) Vendor Value
PlanarDust01.png [Ethereal Planar Dust]  ?-?  ? 6silver
PlanarDust02.png [Shifting Planar Dust]  ?-?  ? 30silver
PlanarDust03.png [Enduring Planar Dust] 30+ Scarwood reach 60silver
PlanarDust04.png [Endless Planar Dust] 45-47  ? 1gold23silver
PlanarDust05.png [Eternal Planar Dust] 48-50  ? 1gold63silver