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A piece of equipment that is worn on a player. A planar focus otherwise known as a rift vessel, has multiple essence sockets which can be customized with various planar essences. Foci can be purchased using Planarite, and can have lesser and greater essence slots of varying number.

The planar focus interface. Lesser essences (there are four possible slots) are on the outside with the two Greater essence slots being on the inside.

These are bought from Planar goods and Rare Planar Goods vendor in each of the major cities in the various zones of Telera.

Guardian[edit | edit source]

Silverwood (South Argent Glade) vendors will sell:

Gloamwood (Gloamwood Pines) vendors will sell:

Moonshade Highlands (Three Springs) vendors will sell:

Scarwood Reach (Kain's Command) vendors will sell:

Defiant[edit | edit source]

Freemarch (King's Retreat) vendors will sell:

Stonefield (Granite Falls) vendors will sell:

Scarlet Gorge (Scarwood Lift Base) vendors will sell:

Scarwood Reach (Perspice) vendors will sell:

Neutral[edit | edit source]

Droughtlands (Lantern Hook) vendors will sell:

Iron Pine Peak (Whitefall) vendors will sell: