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Plants grow throughout all areas of Telara. Their parts are ingredients for many powerful Recipes such as Potions, Tonics and other items that a Apothecary can craft. The Foraging profession is required to collect ingredients from plants. The location of nearby plants is shown on the Minimap once the Foraging skill has been activated. Collecting ingredients from a plant will cause the plant to be consumed, i. e. it will disappear and can not be collected from again until it respawns.

List of plant ingredients[edit | edit source]

The following is a (incomplete) list of ingredients that can be collected from the respective plants. These ingredients are used in recipes by the Apothecary. More than 1 ingredient maybe collected from a single plant.

Icon Name Skill Found In
Coastal Glory.jpg Coastal Glory 1 Freemarch, Silverwood
Grieveblossom Petals.jpg Grieveblossom Petals 1 Freemarch, Silverwood
Creeperbush Roots.jpg Creeperbrush Roots 30 Freemarch, Silverwood
Razorbush Leaves.jpg Razorbrush Leaves 70 Stonefield, Gloamwood
Plant34.png Krakenweed Stems 70 Stonefield, Gloamwood
Evergreen Nettle Stems.jpg Evergreen Nettle Stems 80 Found on Golden Nettles
Golden Nettle Stems.jpg Golden Nettle Stems 80 Stonefield, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge
25px Duskglory Petals 80 Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge, Stonefield
25px Wyvernspurr Stems 115


25px Tattertwist Leaves 145 Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands, Iron Pine Peak
25px Roc Orchid Petals 145 Droughtlands, Iron Pine Peak, Moonshade Highlands, Shimmersand, Stillmoor
Drakefoot Stems.jpg Drakefoot Stems 185 Droughtlands, Iron Pine Peak, Stillmoor
25px Drakefoot Seed 185 Found on Drakefoot Stems
25px Fatebloom Petals ? Moonshade Highlands
Corpseblossom Petals.jpg Corpseblossom Petals ? Moonshade Highlands
25px Bloodshade Petals 220 Iron Pine Peak, Stillmoor
25px Basiliskweed Stems 225 Droughtlands
25px Tempestflower Stems 230 Stillmoor
25px Twilight Bloom Roots 250 Iron Pine Peak, Stillmoor