Quest:Last Stand

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Last Stand
Zone Scarlet Gorge
Scene(s) Rock Ridge
Scope Group (3)
Type Kill, Daily
Level 29
Guild Level
Faction Guardian
Repeatable Daily
Shareable Yes
Prerequisite Rise Up
Start Peter Narren
  • Seal the Fire Rift in Rock Ridge
End Peter Narren
XP 4080
Silver 1584silver
Misc 1 Cursed Sourcestone
Notoriety 350 with Quarry Rats
Pick One [Flame-Tempered Gauntlets]
[Hands of the Demon Slayer]
[Krethluk's Leather Gloves]
[Thaxlos and Broglax]
Repeat Rewards
XP 2040
Silver 792silver
Notoriety 350 with Quarry Rats
Pick One

Peter Narren needs your help saving the people of Rock Ridge from the planar creatures that have enslaved them. Destroy the demon Uthyradge and close the fire rift at the center of town.