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A Raid Rift Tear in Iron Pine Peaks.

Raid Rift[edit | edit source]

A Raid Rift is one of the end-game options available in Rift. Opening them requires a specific item, a Lure which can be bought from a quartermaster after reaching Honored notoriety, and a Raid Rift tear in a specific zone of Telara.

An alternative item sold by the quartermaster is a Husk, for which you don't need the notoriety and has a lower planarite price. The catch for this is however, that you will need 10 Corrupted Souls to form a Lure from it (obtained from tier 2 expert dungeon final bosses, expert rifts and rarely from Shimmersand, Ironpine, and Stillmoor zone events).

The same quartermasters also sell expert versions of the Lures, see Expert Rift.

Raid Rifts are designed for 10-player raids, but players outside of the raid party can assist in the fight. Only the players in the raidgroup of the character using the lure are eligible for the lootchest(s) that spawn(s).

A Raid Rift features several stages much like normal rifts, containing groups of mobs or a single boss. The rift has a 15 minute closing timer, after which the tear will be restored and progressing further trough the stages is impossible. The timer resets back to 15 minutes whenever a stage is completed.

Each Raid Rift features a small piece of lore, extending further the plot of the different cults and the story of Telara.

List of Available Raid Rifts[edit | edit source]

Rift event Zone Lure sold by Requires Honored with
Drakith Hatchery (fire) Shimmersand Quartermaster Unkrat in Sanctum
Atlas Nicolo in Meridian
Order of the Flame (guardian)
Ember Scholars (defiant)
The Golden King (earth) Shimmersand Quartermaster Gekko in Sanctum
Oyugun Dashbora in Meridian
Mendicant Order (guardian)
The Shale Collegiate (defiant)
Hunger of the Deep (water) Iron Pine Peak Quartermaster Meena in Sanctum
Lisra Zaro in Meridian
Order of Purity (guardian)
Mercurial Savants (defiant)
Winds of Chaos (air) Iron Pine Peak Quartermaster Ciaba in Sanctum
Bolorma Pavro in Meridian
The Storm Inquisition (guardian)
Zephyrian Collective (defiant)
Growth of the Aelfwar (life) Stillmoor Quartermaster Queb in Sanctum
Razeed Vithalis in Meridian
Order of Life Serene (guardian)
Students of the Vale (defiant)
Terror of Undeath (death) Stillmoor Quartermaster Roter in Sanctum
Niddya Falstone in Meridian
Order of the Death Serpent (guardian)
The Grim Disciples (defiant)