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Shoreward Island

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Shoreward Island
Shoreward IslandMap 02.jpg
Level 0
Key Places

Shoreward Island is the landmass Northeast of Freemarch and South-Southeast of Silverwood.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

The Rocky Shores of Shoreward[edit | edit source]

Swimming North from Freemarch or South from Silverwood and braving the churning, fatiguing waters, ascendants can find themselves on an apparently deserted island. There is an empty, spiralling tower providing a good look out over both the Defiant and Guardian territories. On the Southeast side of the island, there appears to be a caretaker's cottage with the fireplace still burning, indicating it was only abandoned recently. Other than this, there is no activity to be found, but could be a rough, quiet, little area for ascendants to test their strength and skill against one another.

Areas of Interest[edit | edit source]

Why Travel Here?[edit | edit source]

Although there are no known uses for this island in terms of quests, it can be used as a mid point when swimming from Freemarch to Silverwood or vice versa. This allows for Guardians and Defiant to reach the opposing factions starting area without dying from fatigue.[There are NPC's here, if someone would like to investigate it for the wiki]

Items[edit | edit source]

So far, the following Artifacts have been found on this island:

- The Golden Fable - Page 5 artifact
- Port of Scion - Page 5 artifact
- Chart of Life
- Hair Dampness Extractor
- Bloody Playing Dice
- Scroll of Peace
- Planar Dosimeter

The following can also be found here:

- Tin Ore
- Yew Log
- Copper Ore

Maps[edit | edit source]

Shoreward IslandMap 01.jpg

Media[edit | edit source]

Shoreward Island LookingUpAtTower.jpg
Shoreward Island LookingToArk.jpg

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

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Location[edit | edit source]

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