The Runeguard

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The Runeguard

Zone: Moonshade Highlands
Location: Reclaimer's Hold (6302,1595)
Faction: Neutral
Specialty: Belt Enhancements

History[edit | edit source]


Information[edit | edit source]

The Runeguard is a neutral faction inside of the zone Moonshade Highlands which offers several emblems as well as items catering to adventuring levels applicable to the Moonshade Highlands range.

Emblems offered by The Runeguard faction are applied to the Belt slot.

Reputation vendor is Quartermaster Balint in Moonshade Highlands.

Available Items[edit | edit source]

New items are available to players at given Notoriety levels

Friendly[edit | edit source]

[Recipe: Runeguard Blunderbuss]
[Recipe: Marauder's Breeches]
[Recipe: Noble Girdle]
[Recipe: Worshipper's Chainmail]

Honored[edit | edit source]

[Recipe: Heroic Rootcatch Brew]
[Ironbound Runeguard Emblem]
[Arcane Runeguard Emblem]
[Runeguard Battlemaster's Emblem]

Decorated[edit | edit source]

[Runebound Ring]
[Rune-Etched Ring]

Revered[edit | edit source]

[Rune-Etched Bow]
[Runed Guard]
[Runebound Shield]
[Runeguard Tome]