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This is a timeline of events concerning Telara, from its creation to the present.

Age of Legend[edit | edit source]

40,000 Years Before Launch

Arrival of the Humans[edit | edit source]

19,000 Years Before Launch
  • Humans are created by all the gods of the Vigil and appear in Tavra.
  • Humans develop civilization with the help of the Elves.
  • The humans splinter: the Eth venture south, and the Mathosians venture north and found the Mathosian Empire.

Age of Dragons / Blood Storm War[edit | edit source]

Year 9 (1,500 Years Before Launch)
  • The Blood Storm arrive at Telara in dragon form, causing extensive damage.
  • Crucia of the Blood Storm inflicts damage on the Elves, destroying most of the High Elven Heart Grove.
Year 510 (999 Years Before Launch)
  • The lesser gods of the Blood Storm turn against Regulos.
  • The people of Telara ally against the Blood Storm, catching them off guard.
Year 559 (950 Years Before Launch)
  • The Shalastiri enter Telara from the Plane of Air and aid the Telarans.
    • The Eth are the first to befriend the Shalastiri.
    • The Shalastiri settle in the Rhaza'de Canyons and breed with humans, forming a new race, the Bahmi.
  • The Eth discover a means to harness sourcestone as a fuel for their war machines.
    • The Eth apply sourcestone technology to their daily lives.
  • The Dragonslayer Covenant is formed primarily from Eth and Bahmi, to keep watch over the dragon cults.
  • The Blood Storm gods are imprisoned in the planes.
  • A faction of elves - the Kelari - turn from Tavril.
Year 959 (550 Years Before Launch)

The Vigil demand that the Eth abandon sourcestone technology. The Eth refuse, and found the powerful Eth Empire.

Year 969 (540 Years Before Launch)

Sourcestone technology falls into the hands of the dragon cultists.

Year 1004 (505 Years Before Launch)

The Vigil help construct the ward to shield Telara from the planes.

Year 1009 (500 Years Before Launch)

The Eth Empire collapses.

Mathosian Civil War / Shade War[edit | edit source]

Year 1484 (25 Years Before Launch)
  • The Mathosian King Jostir the Ancient dies mysteriously.
  • Civil war between Jostir's sons Aedraxis and Zareph ravages the northern half of Telara.
  • The Dragonslayer Covenant uncovers evidence that Aedraxis is dealing with the Endless Court.
  • Orphiel Farwind, leader of the Dragonslayer Covenant, sends Asha Catari to warn Zareph.
Year 1489 (20 Years Before Launch)
  • Aedraxis turns into an undead and is crowned king as the elder son.
  • Aedraxis uses the machines built for him by Orphiel Farwind to crack the Ward, unleashing the power of Regulos onto Telara in an event that would become known as The Shade.
    • The Shade triggers the beginning of the rifts.
    • The heroes of the Guardians are returned for the first time to stop Aedraxis from completely handing Telara to Regulos. Many are taken up from Telara at that time to be presented with a vision from the Vigil. However, others, such as Cyril and Shyla, remain on Telara to defend it from the rifts.
    • Most of Mathosia is destroyed in The Shade.
  • The Dragonslayer Covenant lose most of their number defending Telara from the Plane of Death.
  • Asha Catari dies fighting alongside Zareph.
  • Aedraxis and his followers flee north.
  • Zareph and his followers flee the shade and found Port Scion.
  • Zareph and company go to Port Scion to be shielded within a great sourcestone barrier defending it against the planes. From there, they waged a long and bitter war against the rifts.
  • The remnants of the Dragonslayer Covenant join the Mathosians at Port Scion.
  • The Bahmi arrive at Port Scion and raise the city's walls.

Roots of the Defiant-Guardian Schism[edit | edit source]

  • Orphiel begins investigating the remnants of Eth technology.
  • Orphiel's philosophy that Eth technology should rise again gains a following.
Year 1508 (1 Year Before Launch)
  • The first Ascendants return, Orphiel's following dwindles.
  • Orphiel and his remaining followers leave Port Scion.

Fall of Port Scion and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

  • An ancient Eth Life Factory is uncovered in Freemarch. Orphiel is able to get its Resurrection Forges functioning and returns Asha Catari from death.
    • Asha's is the only soul returned with any sort of special powers, and hers were the product of a confrontation with Regulos and not true Ascension.
  • The Guardian Alsbeth betrays the people of Port Scion. She manipulates them into sending their forces out of the city, and then corrupts the city’s magical defenses, allowing a massive death invasion in.
    • The city falls and Zareph is lost, sacrificing himself to seal the evil inside.
  • The Guardians establish themselves in Sanctum off the coast of Silverwood and demand that the sourcestone machines not be used.
  • Orphiel and his followers refuse to comply, and establish themselves at Meridian in Freemarch.

Present Day[edit | edit source]

Year 1509 (Present Day at Launch)
  • New ranks of Ascended Guardians return with a vision of Telara’s destruction from the Vigil to guide their new crusade.
  • Orphiel erects a Failsafe device: a temporal anchor by which Defiants might return if need be. As it is initiated, Ascended Defiants spill through from the future to tell of the world’s forthcoming doom.
  • Alsbeth begins seeking a way to restore Regulos to corporeal form.
    • Alsbeth sends waves of invasions from the Plane of Death across Telara, and begins to tamper with the River of Souls.
  • Thousands of Ascended combat the invasions.
  • In a showdown between Alsbeth and the champions of both the Defiant and the Guardians, Cyril Kalmar saves the life of Asha Catari.

Alternate Future[edit | edit source]

Year 1517 (8 Years After Launch)
  • Meridian is sacked by the Guardians. The surviving Defiants hole up within well fortified life factories to continue trying to solve the trouble of Ascension with machines.
Year 1523 (14 Years After Launch)
  • Orphiel Farwind disappears without a trace.
Year 1529 (20 Years After Launch)
  • Sylver Valis discovers the means to creating Ascended with machines. These new Defiants are sent back to try to avert the disaster they witness as they escape through the Failsafe to the past.

References[edit | edit source]