Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 11

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Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 11
Release date (US) 16 March 8:00am PDT
Version Rift 1.7
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Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 10 Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 12
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  • Everyone's LFG random rewards counter has been set to 9 remaining, after some had gone missing earlier this week. This is a one-time bump over the cap of 7 and future regained reward counters will cap at 7 again.
  • Veteran Reward mounts no longer have a level requirement to use.
  • PvP: Battlemaster's Source Engine and Battlemaster's Sigil now require level 50 to equip.
  • Wrath Spikes, Burning Powerstones, Ancient Burning Powerstones, Wrath Stones, Mighty Wrath Stones, Massive Weaponstones, Ancient Massive Weaponstones, Exquisite Whetstones, Ancient Exquisite Whetstones, Exquisite Oilstones, and Ancient Exquisite Oilstones now require level 50 to use.


  • Fixed an issue causing chat spam of auto-completed world event quests.
  • Phase changes for the Carnival event have been moved to Thursdays going forward.
  • Dantwor Honey-Tongue should now properly be giving out random versions of the Tales of the Ascended each day.
  • War Trophies will only drop from 'green' PvP targets who are above level 10.
  • Trouble On the Route: Guardian Troublemakers will no longer give experience and cannot be summoned after completing the quest objectives.
  • If you win a spin on the Wheel of Fate you should no longer lose your winnings if you wait for the Wheel to spin again.