Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 5

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Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 5
Release date (US) 21 February 8:00am PDT
Version Rift 1.7
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Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 4 Update: Rift 1.7 Hotfix 6
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  • Item tooltips now show the stat impact comparison to the item you have equipped.
  • Item tooltips also now update properly when you have the tooltip showing when you right-click to equip an item.
  • Also in this update: Augments will now apply the correct bonus value regardless of the level of the item they are applied to.
  • Instant Adventure: Potential fix for the Jerra Loves Hillsborough adventure trying to auto-complete when you reach the end and the vampire lord has already been slain.
  • Weddings: More wedding presents for everyone! The Gifted buff now lasts for 1 hour instead of 2.
  • Added a /stuck command that brings up the existing Customer Service stuck window to allow you to teleport back to a graveyard.
  • Using the Writ of the Ironclad (granted for having attached an authenticator to your account) once again grants the correct title.


  • The 'No Wardrobe'-wardrobe now allows you to set the visibility of your main equipment like other wardrobe slots.
  • This 'No Wardrobe' pane shows what items you're wearing in your regular equipment slots, and doesn't allow you to change equipment from this view.
  • The top of the Wardrobe UI now shows which Wardrobe you are currently viewing.
  • Fixed the Wardrobe visibility checkboxes having a super large clickable area.


  • Prismatic Glory will no longer be removed when teleporting.
  • Fixed a case where multiple PvP Rifts could be opened in separate zones.


  • Channeled abilities can no longer be cleansed off the target to prevent them from hitting.
  • Rogue and Mage ability tooltips have been updated to hopefully be simpler, but more accurate.


  • Expose Weakness: No longer increases the damage of Spotter's Order, Illuminate, and Coda of Jeopardy.


  • Degeneration: Fixed an issue where this would not purge the target if they were immune to damage.


  • Caduceus Rise [Expert]: Fixed a bug that could prevent players from using the zone-out portal from Upper Caduceus Rise.
  • Iron Pine Peak PvP Quest: Construct Charging Stations, Concentrated Source: Fixed Firebrand Steelclaws occasionally despawning during combat.
  • Terminus/Mathosia: Fixed an issue preventing characters from leaving the Sanctuary of Rebirth or the Life Factory if they logged out before exiting the building.